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Make it wholesome
1.For cooking methods try: grill, boil, poach, steam, roast without fat instead of fry.
2.Add mashed, sliced or chopped avocado to your salad or sandwich instead saturated fat (for example: margarine, butter, lard).
3.Choose boiled potatoes or jacket potatoes instead of chips.
4.Sourdough or wholegrain bread instead of white or wholemeal.
5.Sugar is sugar, no matter what form it is. But try coconut sugar or syrup, palm sugar, whole cane sugar, maple syrup, honey (try it organic if possible and use very sparingly), instead of refined sugar (corn syrup, evaporated cane juice, white sugar, brown sugar, etc).
6.If you are doing your own baking, try to increase the soluble fibre content by partially substituting flour with oat bran, rice bran or rolled oats, and increase the bulkiness of the product with seeds, nuts, or unprocessed bran.
7.Low fat natural yogurt provides the most calcium for the fewest calories. Use natural yogurt as a dessert with your favourite fruit or as a condiment in savoury dishes.
8.Try rolled oats or homemade muesli instead most commercial and processed breakfast cereals (including cornflakes, Rice Bubbles, cereal biscuits).
9.Water or water infused with freshly squeezed lemons and sprigs of mint, instead of soft drinks.
10.Try homemade stock with natural and fresh ingredients, instead of salty stock cubes.

Mackerel with vegetables

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Baked vegetables and leftovers

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Kale salad with spices

Sometimes we are running out of food during our activities, because we spent a lot of time playing out. One day, I was starving in the shopping centre and saw a snack "kale chips", I read the food labelling and I bought it. I knew about its health benefits but I have...

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